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When it comes to gold coins, there may not be another name that needs to be uttered aside from the British Sovereign Gold Coin. These beautiful gold coins have the legendary St. George slaughtering the dragon on the reverse with his or her Majesty gracing the front (depending on the year the coin was minted). While there are other British gold coins, the British gold proof sovereign truly embodies the perfect British gold coin. While coins from other countries come in a variety of forms, British sovereign gold coins come in standard specifications, including a weight of 7.9881 grams, a thickness of 1.52mm, a diameter of 22.05mm, a fineness of 22-karat (91.67%), with an actual gold content of 0.2354 troy ounces. It does, however, come with a variety of dating, like 1898-1901 (Victoria), 1902-1910 (Edward VII), 1925 (George V), and 2000-2006 (Elizabeth II), among a multitude of other dates. Rare British gold sovereigns have continued to grow in value, with British coin values as a whole outpacing the standard gold appreciation. British gold coin values will surely continue to increase as gold continues to as well.

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