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Every country has its own set of precious metals and coins. Mexico is one such of these countries. Mexican coins come in a variety of metals and sizes, with differing face values and other characteristics. Mexican gold coins, particularly the Mexican 50 Pesos gold coin, offer gold bullion coin investors with a coin that has a smaller premium. Of course, this is in part due to its 21.6 karat nature (90% gold, 10% copper ). Because it was first issued in 1921 as a commemoration for the 100th Anniversary of Mexico’s independence, the Mexican 50 Pesos gold is often known as the Centenario. The obverse has an image of Winged Victory, with the reverse adorned by the Mexican Coat of Armse. But to consider all Mexican 50 Pesos alike would be false, as some rare Mexican coins values are higher than others due to the year of minting. Those looking for Mexican antique coins can also look towards this Mexican 50 Pesos coin, as they have lost mainstream popularity compared to some other coins, although their value has still appreciated. There are Mexican silver bullion coins, as well, such as the Mexican Silver Ozna. These Mexican silver coins are less common than their American and Canadian counterparts, and while they are beautiful coins, it would still be prudent to invest in silver bullion minted in other countries.

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